Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome to Our hectic world.....

So I have already been fielding questions upon questions since finally announcing to the world that the Sasquatch and I are getting hitched.  Since I want to share details with my family and close friends but have little time outside of work to spend talking on the phone, I decided to put ideas, inspirations, and eventually details of the wedding as the become set here in once place.

First thing first - here's my soap box rant - while we won't be bucking tradition so far as to get married sky diving, or have ostrich races at our wedding - we certainly won't be following "tradition" for traditions sake.  Each detail will be thought out and mean something to us as a couple.  From where, to when, to who stands with us, etc.  So please don't leave comments like "OMG You totally can't do that no one does that" or "it's not a wedding without X, Y, or Z".  I don't care how you think your wedding was so much better than what I am planning.  It's about me and my Sasquatch and our stepping into the next stage of our lives together.

I think Ariel Meadow Stallings summed it up far better than I can express it with the following excerpt from her book Offbeat Brides:  "Your wedding is not a contest or a race. You don't need to prove anything to anyone, and the only prize is the commitment of your partner...and you get that regardless of how far you chose to walk off the beaten aisle.  I want you to craft a wedding that's honest and authentic...... Being offbeat is about expressing yourself through an authentic wedding that reflects you and your partner and your commitment."

So I hope you will enjoy the ride with me bumps, bruises, and all.  Because I know this isn't going to be all sunshine and rainbows over the next year.

Oh the date is 9/22/2012 just an FYI ;)